1. No Two Offers Can Be Combined With Each Other

2. Buy One & Get One Free:

a. In the event of "Buy One & Get One Free" Offer the free product will be of the lesser or equal value of the product bought firstly/originally.

b. The selection of the free product/s needs to be mentioned with the order note as a link or title of the selected product. Or you can also mail us at support@TrendOye.com

c. Though the selected free product will be available most of the times, but sometimes due to operational reasons the situations are beyond the control at our weavers end leading to the non-availability of the free product, and we don't want our valuable customers to land up in any inconvenience. So we suggest you to provide 2-3 options of the product to avoid any inconvenience.

d. As the scenario may be the free product will be either shipped with the product bought or will be dedicatedly shipped with the next shipment.

3. Rest All Terms & Conditions Apply Time-To-Time.

4. All Claims Will Be At The Discretion Of The Website/Company.

5. All The Grievances/Litigations Will Be Under The Jurisdiction Of The Courts Of Thane East/West, Maharashtra